Bikini Body Meal Plan

This meal plan is tailored from what i eat when am on toning and weight-loss mode. So basically we’d be eating roughly the same stuffs! If you’re down with that, this meal plan is good for you.

A word of warning: This is a bit boring as my meals repeat itself. But it is very simple and doable whether you know how to cook or not. Whether you have time to cook or in a mad rush! You can do this. AND, it works! At least for me. I pray it does for you too!


  • A 4 week 5 day meal plan, yours forever to keep! And repeat if you like it! I’ve been on this plan since October 2017 until now.
  • Recipe guides with macro counts and calorie count.
  • Snack suggestions if in case you need one.
  • Proven and tested weight-loss tips.
  • Weight-loss tricks that may seem weird, but i have tried them, and they really work! (if you work them)
  • Eating and workout schedules. Because, timing is everything!
  • A HIIT exercise that i do every damn day!
  • Daily check in and motivation for me!
  • A shout out on my Instagram page via insta stories! yey! And when you finally got them transformation visual, will feature you on my Instagram page! Isn’t this freakin awesome!!!

All for P350! Buy Now (click me)


  • uhmmmm.. it works! lol! Seriously now, it really does. At least, for me. I pray it will do the same for you.
  • The macro ratio in the meals are proven and tested and studied to deliver metabolic boost and curve hunger cravings.
  • The food tastes great! Hence why i have been doing this meal plan until forever!
  • Recipes are sooo simple a child can cook it.
  • Preparation time is not more than 15 minutes!
  • If you just follow it strictly, you may see results fast as 1 week.


  • This is not a customized meal plan! So if you feel sooo tired even on week 2, then this might be too low for you especially if you weigh 70 kilos or you’re a very active person. If this is so, add snacks from the snack options or increase portion size of the meals like i do!
  • Different strokes for different folks. This worked so well with me. Hope this works for you too!
  • No refunds. Unfortunately, because of the nature of the product, refunds can’t be done.

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