Bikini Body Workout Plan

A workout plan patterned after my own style of programming for muscle toning, strength and fat loss.

Price: P350 Bikini Body Workout Plan ( 4 week program)

This pairs perfectly with Bikini Body Meal Plan .


  • 4 week Complete HIIT workout program. Its a collection of my favorite body weight workout. All you need is a mat and you can do it anywhere.
  • 4 week Gym based workout program based on my style of training.


  • It is a combination of the most efficient workout types for strength and fat-loss.
  • Monday to Friday workout schedule with 3x a week gym based workout and 2x a week body weight hiit workout.
  • It’s a pdf file that you can keep and repeat progressively forever!
  • Great even for beginners as this is a weekly progressive program.
  • You will feel fit and strong by the end of the month.

Price: P350 Bikini Body Workout Plan ( 4 week program) BUY NOW: Click this link

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