Booty Builder

A comprehensive easy to follow 8 week gym based workout program that delivers you a great booty building routine for just 60 minutes! This program is created for girls who want that perky, round and happy looking booty but have little time to spare for gym. I feel you. We are in this together. I created this for you. I created this for us.

Best things about this:

  • Easy to follow
  • You gym just need a deadlift platform, and squat rack and kettle bells and dumbbells. That’s it.
  • The works in this program are a classic when it comes to booty building.
  • One year in the making. Used it myself all the time.
  • Beautiful and clean PDF format you can view neatly on your phone
  • Download one time, yours forever! No monthly subscriptions or login password.

What to expect:

  • Gymbased workout routine
  • You need a squat rack, deadlift bar with platform (platform is optional), kettle bell, dumbbell
  • 60 minute gym time including rest periods
  • Great for those not first time in the gym and is not afraid to barbell squat.
  • Workout is recommend for 3x a week

Comes with:

  • Welcome letter from the author
  • Warm up routine
  • Cool down routine
  • Workout guidelines
  • Weekly training tips
  • Simple yet detail workout program in pdf format


Option A. Pay to the following payment options and send photo proof of payment with the subject “60 Minute Booty Builder”

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