Keto Startup Guide

It’s finally here! A guide help you through your keto 30 day fat adaptation.

In August 2017 was when i did my keto 30 day fat adaptation phase. Start weight was 69 kilos and ended at 58-59 kilos after 2 months. I dropped 5 kilos in my first month.

Contrary to popular thinking, keto is not just about eating fat and meat. this guide contains all the information you need to start up you keto fat adaptation phase as well as how I exactly did my own keto fat adaptation with the high hopes that it will help you with your fat adaptation.

This guide contains the topics:.

  • Purpose of Fat Adaptation
  • What to Eat and What to Avoid
  • What to do Before Your 30 day Fat Adaptation (including must haves for a successful 30 day fat adaptation)
  • Calculating Your Keto Macros
  • Designing Your Meal Plan
  • Making Your Own Keto Meals
  • 4 Week Keto Meal Plan (based on approx 1,300 cals so its intended for weightloss for most)
  • Daily Macro Breakdwon
  • Grocery List
  • Meal Plan Recipes
  • Supplementation for smooth keto transition
  • First Week Expectations
  • Tips to Succeed
  • What to do after your 30 day Keto Fat Adaptation


  • The pdf Guide with 1 month Fat Adaptation meal plan PhP 1,500.00
  • 30 days Online coaching + pdf guide P3,500 

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