Better Bodies 30 Day Challenge

Lose 3 kilos and get 100% enrollment refund via Bunny Basket Bohol shopee shop voucher (keto; gluten free, sugarfree treats)

What to Expect in the Challenge:

  • Workout no more than 30 mins a day with an option of only yoga mat for equipment. No matter how busy you are, YOU CAN DO THIS
  • Workout posted sent daily with video demo. You can do them at your own convenient time at your preferred place (gym or home).
  • Get fitter & better! The 30 Day Workout is an effective progressive program you can get better with
  • Weekly Meal Plan guide with simple recipes and ingredients available at local market. 100% effective at weightloss and being healthy
  • Learn the fundamentals of healthy eating from food choices to building your simple healthy meal with food available at local grocery store
  • Learn & experience the basic workout protocols for fatloss: HIIT (High Intensity steady state cardio)
  • Learn and do yoga for meditation and total body stretch and recovery
  • Daily check in on workout & diet compliance via private facebook group page
  • Daily motivation checkin via private facebook group page and group chat
  • Receive microsite access for diet and for workout including video tutorial of all workouts so you know how to do them.
  • Exercise option from Total Beginner and Intermediate,

Enrollment fee P3,500.
Early Bird Promo P2,500 until March 31


1.) Fill up the form below

2.) Send payment to GCash 09173039839 or Bank Deposit via BPI Account # : 9319 1630 66 Joannie Mary Cabillo

3.) Send photo proof of payment to

Upon sending the photo proof of payment, will reply to you for enrollment confirmation.

Health is real wealth and that workout is an essential part of it.



  hours  minutes  seconds


Better Bodies

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