Bikini Body Lifestyle: 6 Week Project for Toning & Fat Loss

  • LOSE FAT & GET TONED GUARANTEED. The protocols are backed by thousands of researches. Proven to 101% work
  • Learn to incorporate simple and effective and extremely efficient protocols for fatloss & toning in your daily life.
  • Enjoy and adopt almost effortlessly the Bikini Body Lifestyle after this 6 Weeks!


  • A combination of HIIT for fatloss, weight/resistance training for muscle toning & yoga for flexibility.
  • Workout duration is 15 mins to 30 mins only & you can do all the workouts at your own time and your own space
  • Great for anyone with workout background. Not for total beginners. But if you have graduated in Starting Fitness you are qualified for this.


  • Macro based so you have full control of the meals
  • You will be send a diet guide book so you know the food allowed and food prohibited throughout the challenge
  • Great for anyone with prior experience on dieting and using a food calorie & macro tracker app


The project includes fasting too as it is not only helps you control food intake, when done correctly it increases your body’s ability to burn fat and even preserve lean muscle mass.


The “right” supplement not only speeds up results on fatloss and toning but it also makes you feel “better” while you push your body to “transform” and lose fat and weight. The project will “teach” the essential lifestyle supplementation both for fatloss and energy support.

Enrollment Fee: P7,500

Partner promo:

Enroll together with your friend or partner and pay only P6,500/person


1.) Fill up the form below

2.) Send payment to GCash 09173039839 or Bank Deposit via BPI Account # : 9319 1630 66 Joannie Mary Cabillo

3.) Send photo proof of payment to

Will get back you for enrollment confirmation. This is not ideal for total beginners but anyone with a current workout & diet background is welcome. If you are a total beginner or have been over 1 year since last exercise, you best check out Starting Fitness our ideal program for total beginners and those needing a good reboot.

Programs After Bikini Body Lifestyle

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