Bikini Body 12 Week Project



Based on my own personal meals and workout regimen when my goal is fat loss and toning. So basically we’d be eating roughly the same stuffs and doing the same things when i was in my 3 month fat loss phase! If you’re down with that, this meal plan is good for you.

▪️Based upon scientific pillars and principles of fat loss

▪️12 week gym based program

▪️12 week hiit program

▪️12 week meal plan delivered weekly

Upon purchase you will receive a welcome email with initial steps to follow.

The 12 week program is customized to fit your level of fitness, gym capacity and food preferences.


  • You will feel results in the first week of strict adherence
  • Meals are patterned after the most effective macro ratio for weight loss and fat loss.
  • The macro ratio in the meals are proven and tested and studied to deliver metabolic boost and curve hunger cravings.
  • The food tastes great! Hence why i have been doing this meal plan or a version of this since way back.
  • Recipes are so simple a child can cook it.
  • Preparation time is not more than 15 minutes!


  • Customized Meals. A questionnaire will be sent to you to fill up and will be the basis for your weekly meal plan.
  • Weekly delivery. The meal plan will be delivered weekly every Sunday for 12 weeks.
  • Weekly Calorie count
  • Macro based. So if you travel and can’t follow the recipes suggested, you can follow your macro ratio and still be on track and on the wat to your Bikini Body goal.
  • Weekly Grocery list.
  • Snacking guidelines.
  • A shout out on my Instagram page via insta stories if you want to! And when you finally got them transformation visual, will feature you on my Instagram story and the website with your permission of course.


  • It is a combination of the most efficient workout types for strength and fat-loss.
  • Monday to Friday workout schedule with 3x a week gym based workout and 2x a week body weight hiit workout you can do at home.
  • Great even for beginners as this is a weekly progressive program.
  • You will feel fit and strong by the end of the month.


  • Customized Gym Plan. A questionnaire will be sent for you to fill up to design your 12 week gym based customized workout plan.
  • Customized Hiit Program. A questionnaire will be send for you to fill-up and will be the basis of your Hiit program
  • After payment confirmation and questionnaire completion, your Hiit and Gym based program will be designed and delivered after 2-3 working days via email.
  • You will received a beautiful user friendly pdf file that you can view perfectly via mobile.

To Avail, click this link.

For questions and inquiries, fill-up the link below.



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