Bikini Body Lifestyle: 6 Week Project for Toning & Fat Loss

Created for anyonE who seriously wants to burn fat & get toned


  • LOSE FAT & GET TONED or money back!
  • We will be together in the entire 12 weeks.
  • Workout plans & Meal Plan will be posted in our facebook private group page
  • Daily check in on Meal plan & workout execution in the private facebook group page
  • We will be on a private group chat too so we can share experiences and get motivated from each others’ work. We are in this together
  • Based on scientifically backed up principles for toning and fatloss. So it 100% WORKS very efficiently.


  • Simple. Based on my own meals and they are extremely simple to make, ingredients are budget friendly and available
  • Calorie Customized. We will be having the same meals but you will get a customized version for your own caloric needs
  • Macro based so you can easily replace recipe with your own food preference.


  • A combination of HIIT for fatloss, weight/resistance training for muscle toning & yoga for flexibility
  • The workout for the day can last from 20 mins to 45 mins only!
  • You can do all the workouts at your own time and your own space
  • Great for anyone with workout background. Not for total beginners. But if you have graduated in Starting Fitness you are qualified for this.
  • All exercise will come with a workout video tutorial
  • For week 1-4 you will need an exercise mat, a pair of dumbbells, a kettlebell
  • For week 5 onwards, you need a barbell. If you don’t have the standard olympic barbell, its okay, any barbell with weights will do. More details on this as we start the project.

👉We Start on June 14, 2021

👉Enrollment fee P7,500

⭐️Enroll before June and pay only P6,500 for the entire 6 weeks.

⭐️Share your Bikini Body journey via instagram or facebook from Day 1-to the last day of the challenge and receive 100% refund on enrollment via shopee product voucher from Your Fave  Shape & Bunny Basket Bohol via shopee store


1.) Fill up the form below

2.) Send payment to GCash 09173039839 or Bank Deposit via BPI Account # : 9319 1630 66 Joannie Mary Cabillo

3.) Send photo proof of payment to

Will get back you for enrollment confirmation. This is not ideal for total beginners but anyone with a current workout background is welcome.

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