Custom Body Type Meal Plan

This is your meal plan. Created and designed to suite your specific goals, preferrence and body type.

This meal plan is customized, it will be based on your:

  • Food preferences (so you know you will enjoy the food and can actually eat them without worrying about any digestive issues)
  • Fitness Goals (all meals with their calories and macros targeted to fit your goals be it weight loss or healthy weight gain)
  • Perceived Body type (there are standards to everything but we have body types and each body types require different diet approach to ensure body response to the direction we want it to)

Your customized meal plan will come with the following:

  • Meal plan guide lines (so you’d know what to do)
  • Weekly grocery list (so grocery will be slightly hassle free)
  • Your meal plan for Monday to Friday
  • Easy recipe
  • Daily Calorie count
  • Daily Macro count
  • Guidelines for snacking
  • Weekend tips for a happy and successful diet breaks


  • PhP 3,000 / 4 week meal plan. Each week comes with different recipes and set of food. Meal plan will be delivered to your email weekly for 4 weeks. 

How to Avail:

  1. Pay to the following payment options.
  2. Send photo proof of payment with the subject “Customized Meal Plan”

We will send you a confirmation  message together with a link where you’d be ask to fill up a questionnaire. Your custom meal plan will be delivered to your email in no more than 3 days after you have completed answering the questions on the link provided for you.






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