Dive Into Keto The Right Way: 30 Day Fat Adaptation Diet Challenge

Created for anyone who wishes to burn fat, control hunger, efficiently lose weight and keep it off.

What to expect during the challenge?

  • Lose Weight. Just follow through the real time very simple steps, you will lose weight 100% or your money back!
  • You will be dieting together. All enrollees will keep daily checkin on weight, meals and communicate on a private facebook group page, where everyone knows whats up with everyone. We are all in this together from start to finish.
  • Meal plan posted weekly (very simple & practical recipes). The meals will be same for everyone but individually customized on calories. You can twek your meals as long it adheres to the instructed keto macros.
  • Weekly grocery list posted weekly (locally available ingredients)
  • Daily motivation check in, in a form of quote, youtube informative videos, and keto transformations.
  • You will learn the following;
    • Purpose of Fat Adaptation
    • What to Eat and What to Avoid
    • What to do Before Your 30 day Fat Adaptation
    • Calculating Your Keto Macros
    • Designing Your Own Meal Plan
    • Making Your Own Keto Meals
    • Supplementation for smooth keto transition
    • First Week Expectations
    • Intermittent Fasting
    • Tips to Succeed
    • What to do after your 30 day Keto Fat Adaptation

Batch 8 starts: January 17, 2022
Enrollment Fee:
P4,500. Enroll together with your friend, or minimum of 2 and avail of the P3,500 per person rate

⭐️Please note this start date may moved due to the aftermath of typhoon Odette. We currently (Dec 27) have no internet access at my hometown now. For inquires we will be slow on replying too. As i visit the city every once a week as of this moment.

⭐️ LOSE 5 KILOS AND ABOVE AND RECEIVE FULL REFUND via Bunny Basket Shopee Shop Voucher for absolutely zero minimum spend.

⭐️COMPLETE THE 30 DAYS following instructions AND RECEIVE exciting prizes from our partners.

The Keto Start up Guide + 30 Day Fat Adaptation 30 Day Meal Plan PDF EBook yours forever to keep, sold for P1,500 yours TOTALLY FREE!

1.) Fillup form below

2.) Send payment to GCash 09173039839 or Bank Deposit via BPI Account # : 9319 1630 66 Joannie Mary Cabillo

3.) Send photo proof of payment to this link m.me/joanniemarycfitness

Upon sending the photo proof of payment, will reply to you for enrollment confirmation. However our message may take time as we are currently recovering from Typhoon Odette and we have zero signal on our hometown. We head out to the city once or twice a week to get signal and thats when will message you.



Before & After Batch 2: May 3 – June 2

Before & After Batch 3: June 14- July 13

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