Personal Tips for a Successful Intermittent Fast

Yes am doing intermittent fast. I try to do it daily, but since my caloric needs are way over the roof for the trainings am in (Spartans and Power-lifting) and my stomach can only accommodate soooo much, its no longer possible. Personal Experience: Intermittent Fast made me leaner, made me perform better in my workoutsContinue reading “Personal Tips for a Successful Intermittent Fast”

September 3rd Week Update

Hello friends! Presenting to you my September week 3 update. Not making excuses but yesterday i was at the hospital because my brother got dengue fever since Monday. My smart scale was not around so i wasn’t able to write an update yesterday. My goal weight for the end of September is 55 kilos andContinue reading “September 3rd Week Update”

September 2nd Week Update

The 2nd week of September is complete. Are you ready for the progress? Lol. Here it is. What I did this week for exercise: This week is my menstrual cycle week and i decided to mellow down my exercise by having only 3 HIITs, a gym session which I did just yesterday and some easyContinue reading “September 2nd Week Update”

How My Intermittent Fast and Keto Diet, Held up with Travelling

It was a really short and compact weekend getaway to Siargao. No time was wasted and all activity had to be planned out. Am on a keto diet and proud! Lost 8 kilos since August 1. Then on September 2 I started intermittent fast 16/8 and my body fat dropped relatively faster compared to whenContinue reading “How My Intermittent Fast and Keto Diet, Held up with Travelling”

September 1st Week Update

We have completed the 1st week of September. Let’s see how everything went! What I did this week for exercise: I was not able to follow my resistance training because was surfing in Siargao! 🙂 I did however was able to do my Monday and Tuesday morning workout which was a HIIT and yoga repectively.Continue reading “September 1st Week Update”

Starting Intermittent Fast

Intermittent fasting is not a diet, it’s a schedule of when to eat and not to eat. They call it fasting windows and re-feeding/feeding windows. I am doing this for the month of September to crush my weight plateau and to aid me in hitting my ultimate weight goal, 55 kilos.  How I do itContinue reading “Starting Intermittent Fast”