Creamy Cabbage Soup

If you think any recipe with more than 5 steps is too complicated, well, high five love! Same here! This is a low carb soup. Yes its keto friendly and super easy to do. Ingredients: 3 strips bacon 3 pieces red bell pepper (minced) 1 tablespoon onion powder 250 ml – 350 all purpose creamContinue reading “Creamy Cabbage Soup”

Meaty Cabbage with Mozarella

I made up the name because I forgot this recipe’s real name. Got it somewhere in the internet and i’ve been cooking this when an occassion calls for a simple, keto friendly meal. Ingredients: 1/2 kilo grind pork 4 strips bacon 1 medium head cabbage (chopped thinly) 60 grams mozzarella cheese handful of parmesan cheeseContinue reading “Meaty Cabbage with Mozarella”

Ketogenic Diet and Weight Training and my Shocking Personal Experience

I think these two are a match made in heaven. Keto drops your weight fast while preserving lean mass aaaannd, in my personal experience, you get to lift heavier weights and recover faster! Carbs before lifting heavy. True? Though there are recommendations that says eat some carbs before training, this did not work well forContinue reading “Ketogenic Diet and Weight Training and my Shocking Personal Experience”

My Energy Level while on Keto

I remember my first 2 weeks on a ketogenic diet. The exercise I did was just 30-60 minute easy walk. It was all restorative and hatha yoga and I was scared to lift weights. And on the 3rd week when my body fat percentage never decreased and my muscle mass were starting to melt away,Continue reading “My Energy Level while on Keto”

How My Intermittent Fast and Keto Diet, Held up with Travelling

It was a really short and compact weekend getaway to Siargao. No time was wasted and all activity had to be planned out. Am on a keto diet and proud! Lost 8 kilos since August 1. Then on September 2 I started intermittent fast 16/8 and my body fat dropped relatively faster compared to whenContinue reading “How My Intermittent Fast and Keto Diet, Held up with Travelling”

September 1st Week Update

We have completed the 1st week of September. Let’s see how everything went! What I did this week for exercise: I was not able to follow my resistance training because was surfing in Siargao! 🙂 I did however was able to do my Monday and Tuesday morning workout which was a HIIT and yoga repectively.Continue reading “September 1st Week Update”