My Top 3 Personal Tips for Weight Loss

After posting the before and after shots of me weight 67 kilos and 55 kilos from August 1 2017 to Dec 3 2017 i received a lot of messages about how i did it. Thank you for the love and for the trust.

This post is not from an experts view point. It’s  from a been there done that kinda thing. A sharing from personal experience that i will forever cherish. We won’t be talking about food or nutrition or workout and all those technical things by the way.

We’ll focus on what goes on psychologically. Because it all happens in the mind first. Sounds weird but, fix your thoughts and you’ll fix almost everything.

1.) You gotta want it more than the…

You got to want it more than the chips sitting 6 inches from your grocery basket. You gotta want it more than the comfort of sitting on your couch watching tv. You gotta want it more than the buzz of a moist chocolate cake. You gotta want it more than the beer and parties and getting wasted and drunk.

If this sounds too much, you don’t want it bad enough and that’s okay.

Happiness is not based on looks anyway. But yes, unless we don’t go into some kind of level of desperation then a diet plan or workout program, no matter simple and effective it is, will be impossible to follow. Not wanting it bad enough doesn’t make you wrong or a bad person. It just means you don’t want it bad enough. And that’s okay.

2.) Really believing is the magic key

You got to believe that it can be done and it will be done.

But if you some how you honestly don’t believe you can do it (like its just some adult fantasy dream in your head), then squatting heavy and keep your diet in line will be total punishment, because deep down in your brain, you falsely believe you that this is just another wasted effort like all the many in the past.

But if you truly believe that it can be done, “Come on, one more set…i got this. i can do this!” is what’s gonna be screaming inside you mind when you squat that heavy metal bar.

“Come on love, not today, on Saturday we gona something that, but not today, today is week day and we gotta follow the meal plan remember?” will be yourself talk. You will be stronger mentally when you believe.

And you go on. You don’t care if its hard. Or if you look ugly and terrible. No matter how long it takes, you’re gonna do it because you are certain you’re getting there sooner or whenever.

Keep at it and one day, you wake up grabbing for a size small pair of jeans and it be like something that only happens in your dreams. I know the feeling. This is what exactly happened to me. AM an XL to S. I know right? a dream come true.

3. Simplicity works and just do it.

Keep things simple. Follow a meal plan, and work your workout program until you hit your goal. That’s it. Simple as that. That is REALLY all you gotta do. Just do it.

Hope this 3 tips help. I want you to achieve your goal weight. The world wants to see you win. Hopefully, you too, want to see yourself acing it!

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Strongwoman, Powerlifter, Fitness Coach

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