Meaty Cabbage with Mozarella

I made up the name because I forgot this recipe’s real name. Got it somewhere in the internet and i’ve been cooking this when an occassion calls for a simple, keto friendly meal. Ingredients: 1/2 kilo grind pork 4 strips bacon 1 medium head cabbage (chopped thinly) 60 grams mozzarella cheese handful of parmesan cheeseContinue reading “Meaty Cabbage with Mozarella”

There are just days when…

There are just days when you’re just not in your best physical condition. You have no idea why. And you just have to take a deep breath and remind yourself that it is okay. Today, I wokeup, did a mirror check and loved how I look. I was happy, of course. Took this photo rightContinue reading “There are just days when…”

2018 New Years’ Resolution to Lock-in Motivation

This is a fitness new year’s resolution. If you noticed, i post goals and results in this site. And i do it this way because i learned and accepted the hard fact that I have an ego. And decided to make him my best friend. Ego’s aren’t bad…everything has its own yin and yang. It’sContinue reading “2018 New Years’ Resolution to Lock-in Motivation”

Kissing the Hen Goodbye: My 2017 Year End Diary

Don’t expect details. These are just blah blah. Me talking to myself. I should have written this last week. But i got overwhelmed and ended up typing and deleting sentences almost at the same time. So i decided to just let December 25 pass first and hopefully i can man up and write something beforeContinue reading “Kissing the Hen Goodbye: My 2017 Year End Diary”

Metabolism Booster Hot Chocolate Drink

Credits: Featured photo is from This is my favorite cold season drink. I have this when i watch movies at home or when am reading a book, or when am scrolling facebook or when i am happily enjoying the company of myself in a soft blanket and a warm soft socks. 🙂 It hasContinue reading “Metabolism Booster Hot Chocolate Drink”

2017 Year End Fitness related Gift Recommendations for Yourself (or for those you really care about)

1.) Bluetooth headset  It doesn’t cost much P750-P900 (depends on lazada’s sale) and delivers the job. Music is okay. I am so sure there are way better brands. I just recommend this because its what am using and so far, i am satisfied with it. Audio is okay for the price. Details: Sweatproof design (can’tContinue reading “2017 Year End Fitness related Gift Recommendations for Yourself (or for those you really care about)”

Tribute to Jupiter

Welcome to December, my birth month. I wanted to write something from the heart, honest, flawed and raw, a tribute to Jupiter. He likes that. Before, when this blog got zero readers this was a bit easy to do. Now, am at 100 readers, and some of them i know….because the tracking map says Philippines…andContinue reading “Tribute to Jupiter”