Do not eat broken Fat

Human cells are made up of 45% saturated fat. Hence the macro percentage for fat in most diet plans hovers around that percentage.

Fats has garnered some bad rap in this century due to trans fats which is just one type of fat and is found is processed foods.

Naturally occurring fats is good for health. Not only does it make up our cells, it’s the building block of all our hormones. And hormones are crucial for the body to function the way it should.

If you disapprove of this information try eating carbs and protein only for 30 days straight skipping all fat and see how the lines and age spots on your face hold up or how your hair becomes brittle. Or how your sleep and mood turn out. Try it.

Consuming healthy fat is crucial for an anti aging regimen and optimum health. But eating the wrong fat is equally or even more damaging.

Aside from trans fats, there are what we call broken oils. These are oils have been heated beyond their smoke point. This over heating damages the makeup of the oils and renders in “broken”. Remember that our cells are made up of 45% fat, hence these broken oils when consumed becomes part of the cells and damages it and you will look and feel old.

Having said that here are some extremely important tips to consuming fat:

1.) Make it a top priority to consume healthy oils. This can be supplementing with VCO, to using olive oils in stir fried veggies instead of vegetable oils

2.) Never deep fry and never eat deep dried foods. If you must, at least use oils with high smoke point like coconut oil and butter or even lard. They are expensive compared to vegetable oils but it saves you from deteriorating your body into old age. Better yet, skip deep frying all together.

3.) Feed your skin with good oils. Heard the saying, “if you can’t eat it, don’t apply it on your skin”? Thats because your skin feeds on what you smudge on it. So be very careful on what you lather on your skin. Instead of making you look young, it could the primary reason why your skin is looking dry or worse, older than last year.

These are very simple tips but its not a walk the park to follow. But following it gradually or even from time to time is so much better than not caring at all.


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