Eating Charcoal

You may have came across the word “activated charcoal”. And they come in many product forms like soaps, teeth whitening, facial beauty mask, supplements and even ice cream!

Eating charcoal does not seem appealing and neither does brushing it on teeth.  But i did some readings and i decided to add activated charcoal to my diet. 

For more info on activated charcoal, check this link benefits of activated charcoal or read Superhuman by Dave Asprey.

To put it simply, activated charcoal binds itself to toxins in the food we eat and traps in our gut where in due time it gets excreted into poop.

We eat toxins everyday. Little by little these toxins pile up and it hastens aging and causes disease.

Everything manufactured in bulk has chemicals in them to prolonging the shelf life, enhance flavor, aroma, texture and consistency, or simply to make the item look nice.

And these chemicals are basically toxins intended to benefits the product’s only and nothing to do with nourishing our bodies. They just come in minute amount that they don’t kill us on the spot. Our body naturally detoxifies them too so we are at the moment, alive.

Until these toxins pile up at around the age of 40 and we get sick.

You don’t have to be sick at the age of 40 or at any for that matter. But in this modern era, refraining from eating processed food is like swimming in an ocean and trying to not get wet.

But as mentioned earlier, our bodies has its ways of detoxifying and there are things we can naturally do to enhance it.

One is to sweat. Be it through exercise or sauna. Sweating is one of the ways our bodies get rid of toxin (aside from the very obvious pooping and peeing).

Another way is to fast, or stop eating for a period of time for minimum of 14 hours and above. Not eating allows your body to do autophagy, the elimination of weak cells and replacing with new ones. One of the requisites for keeping youth.

Sleep. There is a reason why its called beauty rest. Its the time our bodies cleanse and fox what needed to be fixed. Sleep or die as the saying goes.

Therefore we should exercise daily, fast regularly and have enough sleep. But we don’t. We sleep late, we struggle keeping up with our workouts and we shove food in our mouths every hour and sometimes even until midnight!

I am guilty of all those sometimes. And id my job and responsibilities get the best of me, i mess it all up.

Hence i decide to ”eat charcoal”. Food grade coconut activated charcoal to be precise.

I am not an affiliate of any activated charcoal product. But if i were, that doesn’t discount the benefits of activated charcoal for toxin cleansing.

When “eating charcoal”, just make sure to not take it together with medications or supplements as those too will bind to the charcoal and will be trapped in your gut and get pooped out instead of entering your body. Leave at least 2-3 hours in between.

Taking activated charcoal after a meal from “any” restaurant would be ideal. If you cook using canned goods and use flavorings and seasonings aside from natural spices, then taking activated charcoal will be beneficial.

Personally, i just add them to pancakes, cookies, cakes, and my hot chocolate. I like that it doesn’t interact with the flavor. I take about 1 tablespoon of activated charcoal a day. I also added it to my skin care routine. To be very honest, the results are surprisingly nice.

I mixed it in extra virgin coconut oil, and lather  it all over my face rub it in for a minute or so and wash it off with soap. Same with my coffee body scrub. I added activated charcoal to it and extra virgin coconut oil, scrub it all over me and wash it off with soap. It honestly feels really good and my skin glowed after. I am not exaggerating.

The chemicals in our cosmetics and bath products might be aging us instead of doing the opposite. So am planning to go full on “chemical free” in all my beauty and bath regimen.

Our skin eats what we lather on it. I am very careful with what i eat, and it just right to equally do the same with what i feed my skin.

I currently have homemade scrub and facial mask. When my soap mold arrives i will make my own personal homemade soap and i will share all the recipe on the next post.


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