We did abs

Last night we did abs. Got to admit this is my not so favorite workout day and with good reasons…it f*cking hurts!!! That weighted leg raise… damn!!! If I had left all my ego out the door (luckily I brought some with me) I would have cried.

But YES, I want it that much. And its no longer about being sexy, or pretty or hot anymore…am way past that. not about aethetics anymore…it’s about proving to myself that I can do this. It has now turned into a battle & I soooo wanna win. It can be done…I know it can. Am bringing out all the patience I can muster right now. Heavens help.

(was that intense? I was just motivating myself 🙏 because honestly motivation is nobody else’s job but ours. Nobody can motivate you but you.)

Many thanks to @mikesupremo (instagram)
for bearing with me. His ab workouts are the best. His my gym instructor and his the best!!!

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Strongwoman, Powerlifter, Fitness Coach

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